Loyalty Conflicts

Attorney Connie Thacker talks with Dr. Amy Baker, a national expert on children caught in loyalty conflicts in our latest Thacker Sleight podcast.
Dr. Baker has appeared on national TV, including Good Morning America and CNN. She has been quoted in the New York Times and US News and World Report. Take a listen as Connie and Dr. Baker discuss parental alienation and loyalty conflicts.

Parental Alienation Testimonial

Thacker Sleight’s client talks about his parental alienation case with Connie and Allison and how it has impacted him and his children. We also hear from his wife on how this experience has changed all their lives.

Parent-Child Reunification

Psychologist Randy Flood, with The Fountain Hill Center, talks with Connie and Allison about the issue of reunification between a parent and a child in our latest Thacker Sleight podcast.

Client Testimonial

Parenting Time Coordination

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Mortgages and Refinancing

Divorce and Your Health