Video: Conscious Uncoupling

The variety of methods you can use to get divorced can be complex and overwhelming. Becoming clear on the process that fits you best is the first step in getting divorced.

In this video, Connie Thacker and Allison Sleight demystify some of the process, describing the process of conscious uncoupling. Conscious Uncoupling, also know as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a way to resolve the conflicts of a divorce process outside of the court system.

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business valuation

Your Business Can Be Central To Your Life and Divorce

If you are getting a divorce or thinking about getting a divorce, and if one of the marital assets is a business, you need divorce attorneys that understand business issues from simple to complex. Attorneys Connie Thacker and Allison Sleight have unique training and understanding in Business Valuation like no other law firm.

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